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Please email us at should you have any additional questions. We want to help make this trip as smooth and stress free as possible for you!

Do I need a visa to get into Italy?

U.S. citizens may enter Italy for up to 90 days without a visa. Dominicans require the Schengen Visa. Dominican peeps, please note you must make your appointment at least 3 months before traveling from The D.R.!

What date should I RSVP by?

We kindly ask that you RSVP online. You can RSVP HERE

Are kids allowed at the wedding?

While we adore children, this will be an adults-only celebration. We're hoping mom and dad can let loose! 

What is the dress code for the wedding events?

There is no dress code for the Welcome Drinks and Pool Party. The dress code for the wedding is Black Tie. Colorful gowns and tuxedos. More information can be found here.

Will the ceremony take place indoors or outdoors?

September is the best month in Tuscany, with temperatures ranging from 72-82°F (22-28°C) during the day and 57-64°F (14- 18°C) at night. The ceremony, cocktail hour and reception will be in the gardens of Villa Cetinale. Please choose your footwear accordingly.

Where can I stay?

We have provided a few hotel options under Travel & Stay. More information can be found here

What is the easiest way to get to and from the wedding venue?

Transportation will be provided to and from Villa Cetinale on the day of the wedding. There is parking at the venue should you choose to drive. 

What is the nearest city/town?

Siena is the nearest town from the venue (~20 min drive). It is easily reachable by train, and surrounded by the Tuscan countryside which is best explored by car. 

How can I move around in Siena?

Taxi apps do not work in Tuscany at the moment. We recommend renting a car. Otherwise, there is a taxi stand in the historic center at Piazza Independenza in Siena, or you can call +39 0577 49222 to book a taxi. You can also book ahead with Tuscany experts (

What else should I know about Siena?

Siena is considered a "walled city" as it is surrounded by ancient walls. Visiting is like taking a step back in time to medieval Tuscany. It is a very hilly city, therefore pack comfy shoes. 

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